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After School Gelsoft Classes 2024

Low FPS Gelsoft 

Low FPS Gelsoft Due to the overwhelming demand we now run 3 classes per week!

Introducing our exciting after-school Gelsoft combat sessions for Term 2! We have Tuesday Classes and Wednesday Classes running and currently are not taking new participants in these classes.


We have opened a Thursday class which is for all new participants. This class will start off at a basic level. 

We understand that not all kids find traditional sports appealing or engaging, and some may even struggle or lose interest. That's why we've developed our Gelsoft program, aimed at getting children active, fit, and having a blast while learning important social and team skills. It's a fantastic opportunity to make new friends while enjoying a thrilling experience.

Beginning in Term 2 of 2024, we extend an invitation to our members to engage in our Progress Award Program. Participants will endeavor to excel in tests and training across various categories, striving to earn accomplishment patches for each. Upon completion of set tasks within each category, participants may purchase the corresponding training patch to visibly mark their achievement. Once all prescribed category patches have been acquired, participants become eligible to purchase the distinguished red beret. This privilege is reserved solely for those students who have successfully completed the requisite training. We will also run additional sessions for students that want to participate which will include the L.A.M.B. Challenge, night operations training when available and other sessions we list.

Our experienced referees, equipped with blue cards, will be present throughout the sessions to ensure safety and fairness. While we provide blasters for this program, you're welcome to bring your own, as long as it shoots below the maximum limit of 170FPS. Rest assured, we'll test your blaster for compliance before use.

Term 2 will consist of 8 action-packed sessions, taking place every Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday afternoon from 4:30pm to 6pm for 8 weeks during term 2. Please note Due to Anzac Day, our Thursday class will be starting on the 18th of April and finishing on 13th June. Our Tuesday and Wednesday classes are starting on 23rd and 24th April.

The standard 8-week course is priced at $240 per child for the full term, or you have the option to pay $35 per individual session. Both payment options include blaster rentals, eye protection, and unlimited gels. Throughout the program, we'll cover various combat scenarios, focusing on fitness, weapon safety, room clearing, target shooting, weapon disarm and defence and critical thinking skills, among others. Our aim is to provide an enjoyable experience while promoting physical fitness and something refreshingly different. Students may take a second class a week however will need to pay the additional weekly fee for the extra class. 

To secure your spot, we highly recommend booking online as soon as possible. Please note that spaces are limited and tend to fill up quickly. Here are some important details:

•Sessions run for 1.5 hours.

•Age range: 8 to 14 years.

•All players must wear enclosed footwear. We also recommend wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants for added protection.

•Drinks are available for purchase at the reception.

•Eye protection must be worn at all times while on the field.


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GELBALL Social Events Night

Join us for our all-new Gelball social night in 2024! Every Friday from 5 pm to 8 pm, we're hosting an exciting and regular social event for both new and seasoned players. This casual gathering brings Gelball enthusiasts together to partake in games, short competitions, and lively discussions about all things Gelball.

This event takes the spotlight, replacing the Warriors Cup. Please note that there are specific restrictions in place for this occasion. Ultra hardened gels like Ultra Elites or Goat balls are not permitted in standard blasters unless using gas pistols (HPA, no exceptions). However, pearls are allowed. Our primary goal is to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

For this Gelball night, the field restriction is set at 300FPS with a maximum of 20 RPS. Players are encouraged to bring their own gear, but rentals are available for those who need them. The cost for this fantastic event is $35 per player for a thrilling two-hour session. If you book and pay monthly the cost is $30 per week. The event is open to participants aged 10 and above. We recommend wearing appropriate clothing, and a full-face mask is highly recommended for safety.

Throughout the sessions, expect a variety of games played together, along with weekly competitions for smaller player teams to challenge each other. This provides an excellent opportunity for younger or less experienced players to learn and exchange ideas with our more seasoned participants. Don't miss out on the fun – join us for Gelball night every Friday!

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