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Image by Elliott Engelmann

Operation "Blackout"

Public Gelball Night Operation open for anyone.

Service Description

Special Ops Gelball Night Training exercise run by Challenge Accepted members. Booking in teams of 2 to 5 players (5max). Participant teams will be given staggered operational start times within a 2 hour period where they are required to check in and attend a mission briefing. Once briefing is complete, the team will be given instructions and must follow and complete a series of smaller objectives in order to complete the main operation objective. This will involve activities both at Challenge Accepted and at undisclosed locations in nearby towns. Teams will have set timeframes to complete the operation and will test your skills. Your team will be required to organise its own transport, travelling between locations. Some locations are to be attended without blasters (Cold locations) while others will require your full kit (Hot). Locations are outdoors and indoors. You will need to prepare your team to operate in both indoor and outside scenarios and some form of team communication would be an advantage. The operation will require your communication skills, tracking, marksmanship, time management, stealth and Patience to complete. Once your team has completed the final objective you return to Challenge Accepted for debriefing. At least 1 member of your team must have a operational mobile phone with the ability to take photos, send and receive images and files etc. All participants are required to have signed a waiver prior to participation in this operation. Flashlight, light outdoor clothing, mosquito repellant, sturdy enclosed shoes or boots, Poncho if it's light rain. Your own Gelblaster equipment and ammo (Either -Low FPS OR regular). Squads will be divided up into either group. Players under 10 will be low fps and be required to be accompanied by a playing adult. This operation will be weather dependant. It is a few days from full moon so something you may like to consider. Early bird bookings on our website end 31st December 2023.

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

  • Challenge Accepted Pty Ltd, Price Street, Nambour QLD, Australia


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