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State League Challenge 3x3

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Join us on Saturday, September 30th, for the highly anticipated 3 vs 3 State League Challenge sponsored by Rosie's Blasters and Hobby Supplies and Nek Minnit Gel Supplies. This exciting event will showcase incredible teams and provide a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved. We are dedicated to ensuring a fair and enjoyable experience for all participants. Here are the details of the event:


Date: Saturday, September 30th Competition Game Mode: Mystery. 

Competition Format: Round-robin style with 28 games Game Duration: Each game lasts for 4 minutes Competition Duration: The entire session will run for approximately 4 hours, concluding by 3pm Final Round: 


Event Schedule:

  • Mandatory briefing for competing teams: 10:45am

  • Games and competition: From the briefing until 3pm

  • Public session Starts at 4:30pm and runs for two hours

Important Rules and Information:

  • Players must remain in their designated base until the countdown ends

  • Field referees will be easily identifiable with blue lights and hi-vis vests

  • When hit, players must call themselves out

  • Hits count anywhere on the body or blaster, except for blaster barrel hits

  • Hit players must return to their base for respawning (unlimited respawns)

  • Points are awarded for each win

  • Teams can have an additional player serve as a substitute

  • Clear lenses are advised due to the darkened field

  • Maximum blaster restriction: 350FPS

  • Donkey Balls not permitted


  • Team registration: $75 per team

  • Substitutes: $25 per sub

  • Spectators: $5 per person

Spectators are welcome but please note that viewing areas are limited.

After the competition, teams are welcome to stay and participate in our public session, starting at 4:30pm, free of charge. Please note that we do not provide HPA tank refill services on-site.

We look forward to seeing you at the State League Challenge and providing an exciting and enjoyable experience for all participants.

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