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Greetings, explorers and puzzle enthusiasts!

Prepare for an exciting adventure as you embark on our interactive puzzle challenge. Hidden within our website are clues and secrets waiting to be discovered. Are you ready to unravel the mystery and claim your reward?

Welcome to Our Puzzle Challenge! The prize for completing this challenge is a 15% discount CODE for use with any of our regular birthday party bookings until the end of July 2024. Use the final code either at checkout or over the phone at booking to save! Engage your minds and collaborate with fellow explorers to unlock the secrets hidden within our puzzle challenge. Happy hunting!

Part 3 - Code #3

  1. Solve this riddle to get the section 3 of the code in order.

  2. Last Name only (5 letters)

  3. ​Place these letters after the previous letters. (It will help if you write them all down).

I took to the road with three good friends,
On a journey where adventure never ends.
In "Wild Hogs," we roared and sped,
With laughs and troubles on the road ahead.

My first name shares a time with a clock,
While my last name you won’t unlock.
Think of a famous comedian's glee,
And figure out who this riddle could be.

Who am I?

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