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  • Do you provide rental Gel Blasters?
    Our rental packages are all inclusive with every private gel session booking. You may also bring your own gear however it must comply with our field rules and will be checked by our staff before your session. All BYO Gel Blasters must be concealed upon arrival. Some of our Low FPS Sessions are all inclusive Team training sessions are BYO and you must bring your own gear. There are no options to rent at these.
  • What is the difference between Low FPS Gelsoft and normal Gelball?
    Standard Gelball fires water gels up to 220 - 350 feet per second (permitted on our field) which normally break on impact. Gelsoft is played similar to Gelball, however the blasters used are restricted to 170 feet per second. This dramatically reduces the striking impact the gels have on other players. Face and eye protection is mandatory.
  • What is the Max. FPS?
    Our maxmum FPS is 350FPS in all our standard Gelball sessions unless otherwise specified. Our maximum FPS for Low FPS Junior & Family sessions are 170FPS.
  • Do I need to bring my own Gels?
    You can bring your own gels however unlimited gels are included with every private gel session booking. Unlimited gels are also included with every rental package. Team training nights are BYO gels. Low FPS Gelsoft all gels are included.
  • Is Challenge Accepted available for group bookings?
    Yes, our facility is available for group bookings, including parties and corporate events. This option includes blaster/ eyewear hire and unlimited gels for Gelball. Laser Combat and NERF are also all inclusive for group bookings.
  • Do you provide drinks for sale at your facility?
    Yes, we have a wide selection of drinks for sale. We also have chips and chocolates for those who get the munchies. However NO ALCOHOL is permitted on site. NOTE: Card payments only.
  • Is there parking available?
    Yes. We have dedicated parks as well as multiple parking locations on Price street outside. We also have bus stops and train station right outside.
  • Do you have rest room facilities?
    Yes, we have a restroom facility that is cleaned on a regular basis. Unfortunately due to their location upstair they are not wheelchair friendly.
  • What do I bring to a public Gelball Booking?
    All players or parents will need to complete a waiver form prior to your session either online or at the counter. Enclosed footwear is also compulsory. It can get pretty warm on the field, so wear light, comfortable clothing that provides protection. All players are required to wear protective eyewear that fully encloses the eys (full face masks reccomended). Clear lenses are advised due to the darkened field. A water bottle is also advised. You may bring your blaster to a standard public Gelball session provided it is under 350FPS max. Hardened gels such as Elites are not allowed on our field unless running in gas pistols. Rentals are available for hire. Some Low FPS Gelsoft sessions include all rental equipment. Low FPS Gear is available for hire.
  • What happens when I arrive for a private gel session?
    Private gelball bookings should arrive at the scheduled booking time as mission setup and induction is encompassed within this timeslot . On arrival, you will need to complete a waiver if you haven't completed one online prior to your session. We’ll check you in and assign you to a team. You’ll be required to chronograph your gel blaster to make sure it shoots less than 350fps if you bring one. You’ll receive a compulsory safety induction at the start of each session. Each team will receive a scenario briefing based on the type of game you are going to play. Each session is 2 hours long, however each game can last between 5 and 20 minutes, depending on how the game scenario plays out. Some games may be played with adjusted lighting or no light. There are multiple games during the session.
  • I have concerns about strobe lighting or fog machines, what can I do?"
    Our facility uses special effect lighting and fogging machines during our gameplay to enhance your experience. If you have any health concerns in relation to this, please contact our facility and discuss with our staff prior to completing your booking.
  • Can I bring my own food and drinks for a Party?
    Yes. We also have fridge space if you would like to store your birthday cake. We have dedicated party areas including a kitchen, viewing room, servery area and eating area.
  • What is the difference between Gel, Laser & Nerf Combat?
    Laser, Nerf and Gel combat are similar in gameplay, however the difference is the equipment that is used. Laser fires a harmless beam which registers a hit on the opponent electronically and is completely safe. It is ideal for players who want to play our combat games but don't want to be hit. Nerf blasters fire a foam dart at oposing team members registering a hit on the oponent. The standard velocity of the darts is low and ensures there is a low impact to players. Safety glasses are required to be worn. This activity ensures lots of excitement in a combat enviroment! Gelball uses a Gel blaster toy which fires a water bead that strikes the opponent registering a hit. The water beads break on impact however the players feel a tap from the gel indicating the hit. As such, gelball requires some special equipment to play, which includes face and eyewear protection, velocity restricted blasters and suitable gels. Gelball is safe and fully supervised by our experienced referees. If you want to go to the next level, try gelball. Similar to paintball skirmish, but on a lighter scale without the paint! We offer 2 options for Gelball which are standard Gelball and Low FPS Gelsoft which uses low velocity equipment softening the impacts, suitable for younger players and families.
  • What age can my child play?
    Laser Combat and Nerf Combat is available to players aged 6 and up. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Standard Gelball is only available for ages 12 and over due to the style of play. Gelsoft Low FPS Gelball is available from ages 8 and over and suitable for juniors and families.
  • Can I turn up at the Centre during the week to have a look through
    At present no. Our facility is only open for booked sessions and pre-arranged activities. If you are wanting to book a private party or function, and want to see the facility, please contact us and we are happy to arrange a time with you to walk through when no sessions are on. We are opening a Gelball and Merchant shop shortly which will be open at listed hours.
  • Can we bring our own Nerf blasters to a public Nerf session?
    Yes, however you must use our darts supplied and your blasters must suit our darts. Modded Nerf blasters will not be allowed on our field. Challenge Accepted takes no responsibility for loss or damage to your equipment from using our darts or while at our facility.
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