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Gelball. What is it?

Gel Ball is both a leisure and sport activity where the use of a gel blaster shoots small super-absorbent polymer water beads at an opposition player. Gel Ball is similar to paintball but without the mess and without the pain. 


What is a gel blaster?

You’ve heard about them through friends, you’ve read about them on the internet, you’ve seen them on TV. The whole world is talking about them – gel blasters. But what are they and what do they do? Are they as fun as everyone says they are? The short answer: yes, absolutely! But let’s find out a little more about gel blasters and why gel ball is an awesome activity to get into.


Gel blasters

Gel blasters are life-like toy firearms that shoot small superabsorbent polymer water beads. They’re designed to look like real-life firearms without the weight of real ones. The gel balls are fired using an air pump in the gel blaster.

What does gel ball involve?

Gel ball is similar to paintball in the sense that it’s a competitive team sport, in which two teams play against each other. The aim is to eliminate players from the other team by hitting them with the gel balls. It’s a sport that is played all around the world, at all kinds of levels: from people who have never played the game before and just want to try it out, to professional gel ballers who live and breathe the sport. It’s the perfect activity for a group of mates, for teambuilding and building work culture exercises or if you just want to try something new and exciting.


Do they hurt?

Gel blasters are completely safe if you’re in the right environment, like the gel ball facilities at Challenge Accepted. Because the pellets are smaller than paintballs, their impact is less intense and less messy too. This means you have just as much fun as paintball, without the bruises! And you can go home without having to spend ages cleaning paint off your shoes.

Gel ball requires some safety equipment, provided to you at Challenge Accepted, before you get out onto the battlefield and have fun.Challenge Accepted provide you with protective eyewear and a facemask, meaning you can have all the fun you like in a completely safe environment.

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