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Night operation run in conjunction with our social teams. Regular Entry $45 per person. 

Teams of 2 to 5 with driver required. Low FPS or Regular Gelball. All players recommended to have their own gear. Possible rentals available. 

Operation Blackout event

In the clandestine world of covert operations, a shadowy organization known as the Black Lotus has emerged, striking fear into the hearts of high-profile individuals targeted for ransom. With the gruesome demise of two key VIPs, the urgency to dismantle this organization has escalated. The enigmatic leader behind the Black Lotus remains elusive, but the right-hand man, (Insert Name), a former spy turned rogue, is identified as the linchpin orchestrating the deadly game.


As the wave of violence intensifies, Operation Blackout is initiated, calling upon a team of elite operatives to counter the Black Lotus threat. Operating under the shroud of darkness, these highly trained individuals are tasked with executing a multi-level strike, aiming to uncover the organization's secrets and bring an end to their reign of terror.


The mission unfolds in four critical phases:


Entry and Information Gathering:

Operatives must infiltrate a secure warehouse used by the Black Lotus. Guarded by the ruthless members of the organization, the warehouse holds vital documentation that could reveal the location of one of their hideouts. Utilizing stealth and tactical skills, your team is encouraged to surprise the hostiles, ensuring the extraction of information from at least 1 hostile if possible. Lethal force is authorized against any resistance.


Object Recovery:

The trail left by the Black Lotus leads the operatives to a forest hideout. Believed to contain a package belonging to the elusive leader, this location is critical. Operatives must retrieve the package before the Black Lotus returns. Following a secret coded trail, your team must navigate the forest, recovering the contents that may provide crucial details about the whereabouts of the VIP hostage. Your crew will need to complete this before hostiles return.


Vehicle Hostage Rescue:

Armed with intel from the recovered package, your team must mobilize to a location provided for the rescue of a high-profile hostage. Your team must contact Operations and be advised of up to date intel before proceeding. The hostage, holding key information about the Black Lotus leader, must be rescued without harm. Hostiles must be neutralized with precision to ensure the safe extraction of information from the hostage.


Locate and Capture the Leader:

With the hostage's intel in hand, your team must proceed to the advised location where the Black Lotus leader is located. Surveillance is paramount to ascertain the presence of a protection detail. The element of surprise is crucial as the team identifies and captures the elusive leader. The mission's success hinges on taking the leader into custody without killing them, extracting vital information about the Black Lotus organization. Any protection detail surrounding the leader will need to be eliminated being sure to keep the leader alive.

(5) Return to HQ for Debrief

All team operatives are required to return to Operation HQ for a full debrief.


As the operatives embark on this perilous journey, the fate of high-profile hostages and the eradication of the Black Lotus hangs in the balance. The shadows conceal not only danger but also the potential for justice to prevail in the world of covert operations.

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