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Party & Group SESSIONS


Do you have a Birthday/ Party coming up? 


- 2 Hour session Gelball, NERF or Laser
- All inclusive equipment hire
- Merchandise T/Shirt & Certificate for birthday person
- Exclusive Facility Hire for your event and only your group

You are welcome to bring birthday cake, food and drinks, and even get food delivered.

  • At Challenge Accepted, the maximum party size for NERF and Laser Combat sessions is up to 10 players per session. For Gelball, the standard party booking allows up to 12 players. Additional players may be accommodated upon request at the facility's discretion for Gelball.

  • The minimum age requirement is 10 years and older for standard Gelball sessions, and 8 years and older for Laser and NERF Combat. However, exceptions may be made if previously approved by the facility.

  • For the Low FPS Gelball party sessions, participants must be aged 8 and over.

  • It is necessary for an adult to accompany children at any session to ensure their safety and supervision.

  • Prior to participating in any activities at Challenge Accepted, all players are required to complete waivers. This is a standard safety protocol.

  • The referees at Challenge Accepted are well-trained and dedicated to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all participants during gameplay. They will be present to guide and oversee the activities, providing a fun and secure environment for everyone involved.

Additional Food Options

... additional options available 

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Standard Gelball Combat


Gelball Combat is an exciting and thrilling combat facility service that will provide hours of adrenaline-pumping fun. Our state-of-the-art field and gear will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience, while also giving you an opportunity to test your tactical skills. Experience the thrill of a combat mission in a safe and controlled environment


Laser Combat

At our Combat Facility, we offer laser combat, a thrilling and exciting way to enjoy a combat simulation. Our facility utilizes laser tag technology with laser taggers to simulate real combat scenarios in a safe and controlled environment. Join us for an unforgettable experience and take your combat skills to the next level

LOW FPS Gelball Combat

At our Combat Facility, we offer Low Fps Gelsoft combat which is a safe and exciting way to experience the thrills of combat. Players are able to use realistic replicas of real-world weapons and battle against each other in a contained, outdoor environment. Low Fps Gelsoft combat provides a safe and enjoyable way to participate in a competitive and exciting activity.

Nerf Combat

Nerf Wars at our Combat Facility is an entertaining and safe way for kids and adults to have a blast! Our Nerf Wars arena features plenty of obstacles and targets for participants to battle each other with their own Nerf blasters or ones provided by us. Our staff is always on hand to referee and ensure a safe and fun experience for all.


Our Field

Come and experience our new indoor battlefield complete with a video wall, special effects, lighting, smoke and sound! Our elevated forts provide excellent covert sniping positions. Challenge Accepted has worked to developed a field layout that is both a mix of CQB and Milsim styles. Our current field setup includes cabins and specially designed indoor buildings, as well as bunkers and barricades, and changes regularly. Challenge Accepted is distinguishable from other fields, utilizing a dark environment with loads of unique effects. Depending on your preferred combat style, your competitive side can shine through, but with less bruising and clean-up than paintball! Grab your mates and battle it out with a variety of games including Domination, TDM, 7 flags, and Heist (to name a few).  Our referees will organise your party into teams that are evenly matched, and will oversee all games to ensure fairness and safety at all times. The only question left to ask is are you up for the challenge?

When you book a private gelball combat experience at Challenge Accepted, your session will include everything you need to play. You are welcome to bring birthday cake, food and drinks, and even get food delivered. Refreshments are also available for purchase at the counter.
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