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Stickyball. What is it?

Stickyball is an exciting new battle mode suitable for our little ones ages 3 to 6 years. It utilises specially designed bows that shoot small lightweight balls that have a velcro coating which attaches itself to the target. This is where the name stickyball comes from. The bows are brightly coloured and are easy for little players to pull back. Our competitors wear special vests that have large exciting animal targets on them. Players are normally divided into 2 teams and compete for fun hunting the opposite team. Sometimes we play a last player standing game which the game mode is free for all. 

STICKYBALL is all about having a fun time. Our players can play whatever style they choose. If they want to hide and pop out from time to time they can, or if they are go getters, they can get active! Our vests have targets with different scores on them and sometimes we add up the scores to decide which team wins. 

When you get hit by the sticky ball they don't shoot hard and are lightweight so the impact does not hurt. Our players are not allowed to run on the field. Games are normally short and fun!

For the younger players, If mum or day wants to join their child on the field for moral support we encourage this. 

Birthday Parties can be booked with this option.

Let the games begin!

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