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Gel Warriors Cup

What an incredible night it was! The Gel Warriors Cup league kicked off tonight, attracting players from all across the Sunshine Coast to gather at Challenge Accepted for an intense three-player team challenge. This much-anticipated event marked the beginning of a series of four competitions. The game mode for tonight was Bomber (King of The Hill), where players ventured out of their bases and battled it out on the field using gelblasters to defeat their adversaries.

The objective of the first game mode was to locate an explosive device and strategically plant it in the enemy team's biological storage base. If the bomb detonated in your own base, your team would suffer defeat. In the event of the bomb exploding in a neutral area, no teams would emerge as winners. Throughout the month, teams accumulate points, and the highest-ranking teams will compete in a final showdown to determine the ultimate winner. Each week brings a different game mode, adding excitement and variety to the competition.

We are proud to announce that the first season is generously sponsored by Majestic Cinemas and Ausgel. Furthermore, Season 2 is now open for team bookings, inviting new teams to join the thrilling competition. In the initial session, teams engaged in nine games, with Rain of Fire taking the lead with three points. Devil Dogs secured two points, while Full Metal Retards, Ghosts, and Rest In Pieces each obtained one point. Tenacious Sidewinders are yet to score. It is still early in the competition, and all teams have plenty of opportunities to secure victories.

An interesting note is that Team "Devil Dogs," led by Captain Dom, and Team "Rain of Fire," led by Captain Adam, will both be participating in the state challenge tomorrow, facing off against some of Australia's top Gelball players at Challenge Accepted. The players were buzzing with excitement and thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic night. To add to the experience, Challenge Accepted provided a delicious sausage sizzle for everyone and opened the target range for players to practice and refine their skills.

The next league match is scheduled for Friday, July 21st, and promises a completely new gameplay experience. Stay tuned for more thrilling battles and intense competition.

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