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Gelball: Get set for the game.

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Inside Challenge Accepted

When playing Gelball at Challenge Accepted there are a few pointers that may come in useful with what to bring and a general rundown of the facility. Challenge Accepted is the Sunshine Coast's newest indoor arena which caters to multiple combat disciplines of which gelball is included. Challenge Accepted also offers Laser combat, NERF wars & Gelsoft Low FPS Gelball sessions.

Here are 8 tips that you may find helpful if it's your first time playing Gelball at Challenge Accepted.

#1 - darkened field

Challenge Accepted runs a predominantly darkened field to make use of their multiple projectors. Saying this they do change lighting all the time with a variety of colours and effects which can also include strobes. As such, I recommend clear lenses in your eye protection to give you the best chance of seeing everything you need to. Some players wear fogged lenses, orange tinted lenses etc., which work ok, but clear lenses offer the player the full experience. Also keep in mind the field may use smoke and strobing effects .

#2 - Safety zones

The field itself is mostly encompassed by a safe zone including walkway passages and setup and waiting areas. There are doorways to access the field from these areas which have orange flashing lights and signage. While in the safe zones, players are required to have their blasters rendered safe with magazines removed at all times. Eye protection does not have to be worn in these areas. No player is to fire their blaster in this zone under any circumstances. Failure to comply with this rule will result in push ups for the offender.

#3 - eye protection

Players that enter the field must have protective eyewear on at all times. Once the player enters a hot zone they cannot remove their eye protection until they exit the field back into the safe zones, or the referees render the field safe prior. Failure to comply with this rule will result in push ups for the offender.

"Even if you get an itchy eye or your mask is fogging up, you are not to remove that eye protection until you are in a safe zone" - Millzy (Challenge Accepted head referee).

#4 - field layout

Challenge Accepted is divided into two sections currently with plans to extend in the near future. The main field has two upper levels which can be used by players including a sniper tower and the bridge. The bridge also gives access to the control room and the door at the end of the bridge is a no go zone. Players can utilise this area, however just remember there is only one way in and out so chances are you may get trapped.

#5 - Chronograph checks

All players bringing their own blasters will be tested through our Chronograph prior to playing the session. Please ensure you have gels in your mags and are ready to do this when our refs ask you to. At this time gels will also be checked for compliance. All blasters at standard public sessions must shoot under 350FPS and 30RPS, and no hardened gels are allowed in primary blasters (Gas pistols exempt). Basically Ultra Elites or similar are not permitted. If your not sure as the refs.

#6 - Setup areas

Players are allowed to setup their gear and prepare for the session in the designated setup/ waiting rooms. There is also an aircon in the referees room which players may use to cool off between games.

#7 - Gameplay

Our referees will try their best to start your session on time and players should arrive early to assist with this process. Players will be divided into teams and issued lights to identify their team colors. The referees will explain the games and field rules. The teams will then be directed onto the field into their base/ respawn locations. Please note these change during games and most games may be played twice swapping sides to ensure fair play. Generally once both teams are ready the countdown will begin. At zero all players begin the game. Players continue to the game until the countdown and siren ends the game. Once one or two games have been played, The refs will direct players off the field to the safe zone to have a short break and drinks. Then gameplay will restart, normally with another game.

#8 - session end

At the end of your session, we ask you to kindly pack your gear and vacate in a timely manner if there are other sessions following yours. Please remove all of your equipment and place your rubbish in the bins provided. We are hoping this information may be useful for our new players.

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