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Season II Gel warriors cup

Greetings to all our Challenge Family members! We're thrilled to unveil the eagerly awaited news. As you're aware, the Gel Warriors Cup faced a postponement last week. This delay granted us valuable time to implement essential and impactful adjustments that will shape our course ahead. These modifications were deemed necessary to ensure a secure and supportive environment for both parents and our budding, less experienced players. Moreover, we're enthusiastic about drawing in new teams with an offering that we hope will resonate universally. We believe we also owe it to our sponsors Rosie's Blasters and Hobby Supplies and Nek Minnit Gel Supplies to provide the best environment and events.

Navigating through these changes has been a challenging and difficult endeavor, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your patience and understanding. Here are the notable adjustments we're introducing as we move into Season II:

  1. We're revising the maximum FPS limit for this league, now set at 300FPS.

  2. We're revolutionizing the team play dynamics. Initially, all teams will engage in a collective field play, transitioning into individual team skirmishes.

  3. To provide a balanced opportunity for younger and less experienced players, teams might be paired for specific matches, with shared points. This aims to level the playing field and enhance their chances of participation.

Our fundamental objective in establishing this league was to introduce novices and newcomers to the captivating realm of gelball. Additionally, we aimed to enable parents to share the field with their children and relish the experience together. While we did extend an invitation to seasoned players, it was always with the intention that they would pass on their knowledge and expertise to the younger generation. Our intention was never to create a full-scale warzone. Our aspiration was to integrate players from adjacent fields into this league, with the ultimate goal of expanding its reach to other gelball venues. We intend to start season 2 on Friday 25th August from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. We wish all our teams the very best and hope you have a wonderful enjoyable time on our field. We still have a few spots available so if you have a team and would like to sign up for 1 session or the full season you are welcome to do so. Please contact us to book you in. 0448777980.

Kind Regards Lyn & Pete Grieger (Challenge Accepted Owners)

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