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Low FPS Gelsoft. What is it?

Challenge Accepted introduced Gelsoft as a safer alternative to Gelball to allow younger or new players a safe and fun sport that they can also play. Gelsoft is almost identical to Gelball except the fact that the Gelblasters are modified or designed to shoot below a certain velocity. The velocity is what we call feet per second (FPS) which is the speed the Gelballs are travelling when they leave the barrel. All our low FPS blasters are restricted to fire under 150 FPS which is roughly half the speed standard blasters fire with some firing much less than that. 


What is a LOW FPS Gel blaster?

Low FPS Gelblasters are required to fire under 150FPS for our Gelsoft sessions. Players can purchase some equipment which fires below these rates out of the box, or our technicians can modify new or existing blasters to comply with this requirement. These may include Gelblasters such as pistols, rifles, sub machine guns and shotguns. Generally they are all electric operated and not gas. 


Gel blasters

Gel blasters are life-like toy firearms that shoot small superabsorbent polymer water beads. They’re designed to look like real-life firearms without the weight of real ones. The gel balls are fired using an air pump in the gel blaster.

What does Gelsoft involve?

Gelsoft is pretty much the same as Gelball in the sense that it’s a competitive team sport, in which two teams play against each other. The aim is to eliminate players from the other team by hitting them with the gel balls.  It’s the perfect activity for a group of mates, for team building and building work culture exercises or if you just want to try something new and exciting and don't want to be hit by a standard Gelblaster.


Do they hurt?

We won't lie and say they never hurt, however most of the time and if used in a safe manner they don't. The exception is where players get up close and into each others personal space and this is not accepted as safe play at Challenge Accepted and not allowed. Gels may sometimes leave a small mark at close range however will disappear quickly. Gelsoft requires some safety equipment, provided to you at Challenge Accepted, before you get out onto the battlefield and have fun.Challenge Accepted provide you with protective eyewear and a facemask, meaning you can have all the fun you like in a completely safe environment. It is suggested for extra protection to wear long clothes if you are concerned. 

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