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Laser Combat. What is it?

Laser Combat, sometimes called Laser Tag, is an action game, loosely based on the battles fought on the most popular computer games (from Call of Duty to Halo and Battlefield), only this real people and physical exercise. We play a variety of games some of which involve objectives and other are hunters ve hunted scenarios. Our Zombie survival games are popular with a team of survivors trying to stay alive to prevent a Zombie Apocalypse. 

We use pistol taggers that register hits on the opponent. Once a certain amount of hits have been taken the player is rendered dead. This encourages stealth and skills instead of running and gunning. Some games players may be revived. Challenge Accepted uses props including Flags, Gold bullion and other props during the games. Players may also compete in a timed laser target simulation hunt or conceal themselves in games like fugitives where they have escaped and are on the run. Please note that we are unable to accept players under the age of 8.  All players must be a minimum of 1.2 metres in height. Enclosed footwear is required.


What games?

‘Missions’ are planned to suit all groups and abilities, from team building session for companies to a fun evening out for a group of friends or work colleagues, to a birthday party – whatever your age. Our Laser Combat experts will give full instruction before each session. 

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